Design and consulting services

Cognicatus provides consulting services in the following fields:

  • product feasibility studies and system design feasibility studies
  • IC testability, IC production transfer and IC production
  • IC design services in
    • Analog IC design, including low power, ADC, DAC, amplifiers, high frequency components, LCD drivers, regulators, references, etc.
    • Digital RTL design in VHDL or Verilog for IC or FPGA implementation.
    • Mixed signal IC design
    • RF IC design
  • IC layout for
    • analog IC layout
    • digital IC backend
    • mixed-signal layout/backend

Cognicatus has the following corporate and technical experience:

  • working with CMOS, BiCMOS and Bipolar technologies with geometries ranging from 28 nm to 5 um.
  • prefers to work with complete tasks against a customer specification but hourly based consulting can be provided on demand.
  • has a network of senior sub consultants where the individuals has an average industrial IC design experience of 10+ years and very often Ph.D. competence.
  • takes on full responsibility for the project and organizes all required resources.
  • projects are managed by senior IC design managers with 10+ years experience
  • RFID transponders, ID devices, Automotive, Military, Medical, Battery operated equipment, Security, Industrial, Video

Cognitive electronics

Cognicatus wants to drive a new field of electronics called Cognitive Electronics.

Equipment based on Cognitive Electronics operates in a way which is similar to the human brain, i.e. it can adapt its behavior depending on its previous experience and the current situation. It can also do predictions based on the same properties. Cognitive electronics, which can be considered as a further development of neural networks and so-called Intelligent Signal Processing devices, can either be based on software algorithms, hardware implementations, or a combination thereof. Neural Electronics or Cognitive Electronics differs however from the “traditional” neural networks by the higher level of feedback and thereby network complexity.

Cognicatus is developing its own architecture for hardware realized Cognitive Electronics. The architecture will take advantage of the complexity available in the latest IC technology. It will be built with a mixed signal architecture which will have performance second to none.